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It's time to try something new...'wine not'!

It's time to try something new...'wine not'!

24th February 2023

We’ve sat down with our General Manager Drew Stephen to discuss all things wine – from our great wine list to the use of innovative CORAVIN system, we pride ourselves in offering some of the best affordable wines in Aberdeen.

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“Just like any industry, running a restaurant is all about adapting to changes. This can come in many forms, be it social trends or economic impacts but the challenge comes from tackling these issues head on and thinking of creative and innovative ways to stay ahead of the curve.

One such challenge that has plagued us for many years is how to offer our customers new and exciting wines to enjoy by the glass without the risk and heavy cost of wastage.

Of course, there are wine list icons such as the Rosario Sauvignon Blanc and the Ruca Malen Malbec where we can be confident that when we open a bottle to serve by the glass that the rest of the bottle will be used quickly resulting in no wastage. For me though, wine is about exploring new options and trying different flavours but for a customer this can be a daunting risk. Not everyone is willing to part with upwards of £40 for a bottle of wine they may not enjoy. The good news is we now have a solution to this!

We can now proudly offer our guests a multitude of wines by the glass that they may never have tried before or have often considered trying but not confident enough to take the gamble.

We recently invested in the innovative Coravin system which allows us to pour a single glass of wine from a bottle without even having to remove the cork. The bottle can then be placed back on the shelf for the next time someone wants a glass, even if that is a few months later, the wine will remain in perfect condition.

Next time you are in No.10 and you want to reward yourself at the end of a busy day with a lovely glass of Côtes du Rhône or Sancerre then we have you covered. Maybe you have always wondered how the Soraie or Muchietto Fiano would play with your palate - Well now you can try them without committing to a full bottle. Or maybe you would like to buy your own personal bottle of Barolo just to enjoy occasionally when you drop in past the bar or to impress friends.

To see our full selection please check the “Premium Wines by the Glass” section of our drinks list and let us help you find your new favourite wine.

See you soon.”